• Via Del Passatore 107 Campogalliano (MO) 41011 Italy
  • Orari di ufficio: 9.00 - 18.00

  • It +39 059 851088 / Ru +7 9629639469

  • Info@russiaforwarding.com

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

We have biweekly departures by truck groupage on basis DDP “door to door”" from our logistic platform of Campogalliano, to our warehouse in Moscow with the possibility to delivered the commodities in all the Russian provinces.

We consolidate in our logistic platform of Campogalliano from the small package to the large quantities of commodity and our broker cleared in Moscow Your commodities together of many others of our customers.

We have the possibility to pick up your commodities by our vans and trucks, from your Italian suppliers to our logistic platform.

For this complicated service we use Italian and Russian employees highly specialized that takes care the various phases:

  • Organization of the custom clearance in Moscow terminals
  • Issue necessary documents for the importation
  • Issue all the certificates and particular authorizations
  • Payment for your account of the customs duty and taxes
  • Issue documents (Cemp, Carnet Tir, CMR and Ex-1)

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