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Russia Forwarding

Russia: our profession

Since the dawns of the transport in Russia has never been simple due to a multiplicity barriers, climatic, structural in the way of communication and linguistics. Wood wagons were used with enormous strokes set under the wagon that harboring water for the drivers and for quench the strong horses. Someone narrates that they traveled for thousand kilometers challenging the most impervious and prohibitive climatic conditions dictated by the long Russian winters traveling from the great Russian Empire through the regions of Kazakistan, Uzbekistan, Tagikistan, up to the Celestial Empire. With the advent of the “perestrojka" many changes have happened but the difficulties in the transport have remained.

We represent a youth and dynamics group of international freight forwarder specialized from over ten years in the transport in the complicated and varied Russian market. We have also services for Kazakistan, Uzbekistan, Tagikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan. Simply we have made of the Russia our profession!

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